CrossFit closes down, upsets participants

By Devon Beck

Photo Courtesy of CrossFit USD

Photo Courtesy of CrossFit USD

Against participants’ wishes, CrossFit USD is being shut down.
CrossFit USD was a workout program offered at the fitness center which is sponsored by USD Athletics. CrossFit is a program of workouts consisting of Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics and cardio. The program is an hour-long workout offered two different times during the day. Qualified CrossFit-certified coaches help participants work on techniques, form and various exercises.
The daily CrossFit routine consisted of warming up and then starting the workout of the day where the coaches would monitor and assist participants. Many of the classes also included sessions on goal setting and nutrition.
Senior Associate Athletics Director, Shaney Fink, gave some insight into the program. According to Fink there are currently 17 people participating in CrossFit USD, three of which are current USD students. She said she knew that all who were involved in the program enjoyed it. Fink also noted that there is a CrossFit program walking distance from campus. Fink declined to comment any further on the termination of the program.
Senior Trenton Mendenhall was a participant in CrossFit USD. He started attending CrossFit about six months ago and would go about three to four times a week. “After a busy day of school or work, I always look forward to heading to the weight room to get in a good workout,” Mendenhall said. “It is hands down the best workout program I have participated in.”
Mendenhall said besides seeing great results from doing CrossFit, it also helped his self-esteem and athletic abilities. Although he loved the results, he said one of the main reasons he stayed was the sense of community he felt. “This program is a mix of undergraduate students, graduates students, alumni and members of the San Diego community,” he said. “We all have such diverse backgrounds and despite our differences we have been able to find common ground through CrossFit USD and make our own family here in San Diego.”
Mendenhall said he is disappointed with the school’s decision to shut down the program. “By the university shutting this program down it really makes me hesitant as to whether or not I want to be a part of this community especially because CrossFit USD clearly fits in under one of the components of USD’s mission statement,” Mendenhall said. “It is directly stated that this institution is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive community.”
Senior Julie Christen also participated in CrossFit USD. “The community at CrossFit USD is like a family,” Christen said. “It’s a smaller group of mostly students and alumni. From the moment I walked through the doors I felt welcomed and wanted. This means a lot to me, and I know it will be very difficult to find a similar group at another gym.”
Christen joined CrossFit USD because she needed an outlet for fitness as well as a community aspect. For Christen, the community aspect was one of her favorite parts of the program, but she also liked that it promoted a healthy lifestyle. She said, “USD promotes all of this student wellness stuff, but when you look at the on campus options for being well, I think it falls short.”
Christen was also not happy with the decision to shut down the program. “Basically the reasons we have been given for the elimination of the program have been incomplete and vague,” Christen said. “By shutting down CrossFit USD, the athletic department is failing to take care of its students. I had a lot of respect for the school for allowing a great program to take place on campus at a price that students are much more capable of paying. They’ve lost that respect if they choose to continue with shutting it down.”
The diversity Mendenhall and Christen feel in CrossFit USD is something they do not think they could get elsewhere. Both have said that although there are other CrossFit options in the area, none are as cheap as Crossfit USD so they will most likely not be able to continue doing CrossFit once the program shuts down.


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  2. Try us out! Right at the bottom of the hill! Grinder Gym!

  3. You can still do CrossFit without the program. Go to the main site or any FB page of a nearby box. Pick a workout and do it in the fitness center. Don’t give up.

  4. My name is Erwin Caalaman, and in addition to being a current student at USD, I’m also part owner of Outlier CrossFit which is located in the Mission Gorge area. While in no way can we replace the convenience and community the CF USD has provided its members, we would like to extend an offer to any of the affected USD students who can no longer participate in CrossFit due to cost. If you would like to continue participate in CrossFit but find membership fees in the area cost prohibitive, please shoot e an e-mail and we can work something out.

  5. We feel ya folks. Went through the same thing at a high school out here in Michigan – almost word for word. Hang in there and, more importantly, hang together.

  6. Talk to that affiliate down the street. Explain your situation and see if they would allow you to use their gym when they have an off-hour and so you could run a session with your athletes.

    In our case, we didn’t even ask, Jarrod of CrossFit BMW offered as soon as he heard and it literally saved us. CrossFit is full of great people. Just go out and find them.

  7. Justin Grube says:

    If CrossFit HQ would put a staple on not allowing other gyms to open up right next door to eachother they probably would have kept the program. U need to focus on why CrossFit HQ allows these types of things and get off of why they shut down. They probably couldn’t afford to keep it open with competition with another gym that is within walking distance.

  8. Typical bureaucratic stuff up. I thought stupid decisions like this were only made by Australian universities.

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